Sonsk8 Jam Results

As most of you will know this Saturday Sonsk8 Stellenbosch played host to another successful Jam style Skate Comp.

The Inline skating and BMXing were in the morning, so the skaters had free reign over the park the whole afternoon.

The finals was were where it all went down, with fresh tricks and lines being put down all over the park by Mr. Morola, Justus, Quintie, Brendon and Dennis.

Results for Juniors were as follows:

1. Frikkie

2. Alan

3. Keiran

Results for Seniors were:

1. Alan Morola

2. Justus Kotze

3. Quintin Robertson

I would like to extend a huge shout out to the guys at Sonsk8 and all our sponsors; Sonsk8 Stellenbosch, Cornerstone Surf Shop, Element, Slip Skateboards, Familia and Red Bull.

A huge thanks to Eric Palmer for his photo’s displayed above.

About andnero

Cape Town based skateboarder interested in sharing South African and international skateboarding, through videos, links, pictures, products
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