Indy Trucks – Taylor Smith

Independent Amateur Taylor Smith get’s his freak-on in the street, park, tranny and even the Mega-ramp.


 Indy_139_Haslam_Emerald Indy_139_Koston_Purple Indy_139_Raw Indy_139_Reynolds_Sapphire Indy_139_Rowley_Oxblood Indy_139_Team_GoldBlack

Catch more of Taylor, the Indy riders at Independent Trucks online or Strange Notes.

Also check Taylor’s interview with Soggy Bones.

To get your grubby hands on a fresh set of Indy’s drop in at Baseline Studio in Long Street or Stellenbosch, Somerset Sport, the Sonsk8 Store or simply drop me a line at with your enquiry.

About andnero

Cape Town based skateboarder interested in sharing South African and international skateboarding, through videos, links, pictures, products
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1 Response to Indy Trucks – Taylor Smith

  1. davegood86 says:

    taylor smith here looks like alwyn on a board. similar stlye and bag’o tricks!!! Is siek!!! Keep up the good work Drew. Making SA skating proud!

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