Derik Du Toit Gallery

This is a memorial page for Derik Du Toit, for all the world to see how good a street skater he was!
All photo’s are courtesy of Sam Clark, without him we would have missed these memorable pics.
The pictures are all save-able from my blog, share them with friends, loved ones and people who will appreciate Derik and his raw approach to skating.
Drop us a link if these photo’s are posted elsewhere online.

All are welcome to leave comments, links and tributes below, I think they will be appreciated.
!!! R.I.P DRKY !!!

3 Responses to Derik Du Toit Gallery

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  2. Schalk says:

    I made a small tribute video last year, check it out here.

  3. andnero says:

    Shot for the tribute vid Schalk.

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